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Running your business is hard enough without legal problems. That's why we take time to understand your business, solve your legal issues and help you avoid them in the future. You get a legal companion who puts your business first with a complete approach of proactive and reactive business-friendly legal expertise. You're not just a client. You're our partner.

- Kevin Marshall

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1. Proactive legal services

Preparation of office protocols & guidelines

Are you worried about not having employee guidelines for hygiene, social distancing, privacy, internet use, remote working and more? As a business owner, you need to communicate these clearly and effectively with your employees so misunderstandings don't grow into legal problems.

Employment contracts

Like it or not, the law is designed to protect employees, not business owners. This means that if your contracts are at odds with standard employment laws, you can run into serious unforeseen issues that cost a lot of time and resources. We help you to draft strong, legally sound contracts that prevent major problems.

Lay-off agreements & temporary lay-offs

Temporary lay-offs are among the most misunderstood concepts by employers, due to their overlap between the Employment Standards Act and the common law. Not understanding these distinctions often leads to unwanted lawsuits. This is where carefully drafted lay-off agreements helps avoid costly problems.

Termination letters & releases

Terminating your employees smoothly requires the science of law and the art of negotiation. You need a properly structured termination package that not only resonates with the Employment Standards Act and keeps your employee happy, but also leaves bargaining power for you, just in case.

Investigation into employee misconduct

Your priority is to keep a peaceful and productive workplace so money keeps flowing. When we help conduct employee investigations, we make sure to walk the fine line between keeping the peace, respecting employee privacy, and gathering sufficient, detailed evidence to provide maximal clarity and a smooth outcome.

Wrongful dismissal for cause

If your employee is being terminated with no package or pay, they may want to retaliate legally, at which point you need to be prepared with strong evidence to support your "cause" for terminating them. Otherwise, you may be looking at an uphill legal battle that favours the employee.

Winning court battles

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2. Legal cases we defend

Sexual harassment

The heavily disruptive nature of workplace sexual harassment is a true nightmare for employers. The impact on your staff confidence and productivity can really hurt your bottom line, and with the ever increasing popularity of the #metoo movement, your company's reputation is also at stake. We help you react in a controlled, peaceful and steadfast way.

Occupational Health & Safety claims

Even before Covid-19, employers have always been vulnerable to staff complaints about workplace health and safety and the resulting workplace investigations. Now with a complete paradigm shift in workplace environments and inspectors' increased focus on hygiene and sanitation, these claims require greater attention to detail than ever before.

Human Rights claims

Are you facing a human rights complaint after firing an employee? The extremely broad nature of the Human Rights Code can be a real nightmare to defend against, not to mention the potential impact on your company's reputation. This is why we strongly advise to set proper workplace guidelines proactively. If you've already received a complaint, our expertise can help you respond to that application.

Constructive dismissal

Receiving a constructive dismissal claim can be both surprising and confusing for employers. Imagine your employee demands a pay package after they've voluntarily quit. The reality is that you may have made changes to your contracts that have left you vulnerable to such a claim. We'll help you investigate and defend against the case if necessary.

Short term disability claims

If your employee has filed a short term disability claim, there are several factors you need to consider before proceeding with a defence, including the employee's claim history and the strength of their medical evidence. We'll give you clarity on your situation and help you make the right call. If we need to defend, you're in good hands.

Workers Safety & Insurance Board claims (WSIB)

Dealing with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board can be a tricky matter. If your employee has submitted a claim and you want us to get involved, we can help you navigate the landscape and avoid recurring incidents. We always suggest a proactive approach, but if you need representation at a mediation or WSIAT hearing, we're here to help.

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