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Giving Back to Our Community

Two teenagers happily eating a meal.Community Foodbank Logo

The Community Share Food Bank

Kevin has been a member of the Board of Directors since this volunteer organization was started in 2004.​ The Community Share Food Bank works with local churches, community partners and donors to distribute food to needy client families living in the Don Mills neighbourhood in the area bordered by Victoria Park Avenue and Bayview Avenue, and the 401 and Eglinton Avenue. Kevin is pleased to be a part of this organization that values compassion, diversity, respect, confidentiality and accountability​, and that addresses food security issues and longer term solutions to poverty and hunger in our community.

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Duke Heights Bia

The Duke Heights BIA was founded in 2014 in the Dufferin-Finch area. Its primary objective is to promote the potential of this unique area, provide support to businesses in the area and inject new resources to tap into the potential of the community.

Kevin has served as a volunteer board member since its inception. He enjoys being involved in a vibrant organization that has taken such dynamic initiatives as putting a mobile security patrol service in place for the area.

Duke Heights Organisation Logo
Young teenage girl comforts female friend sitting depressed on bed.KCWA Toronto Logo

KCWA Family & Social Services

KCWA Family and Social Services is a non-profit organization established in 1985.​ Gina works with numerous families in her community with issues evolving around school, contracts, insurance and everyday matters that require the assistance or knowledge of Canadian background.

Other times, women need to turn to someone that is not in their direct community to ask about domestic abuse or child-related issues such as dealing with racism or discrimination at school. "Many people come to me with issues that are beyond my ability but whenever I can, I connect them to proper professionals, organizations and places that can help."

Happy family laying on their living room floor smiling.Love Toronto Logo

Love Toronto

Love Toronto is a non-for-profit organization that helps families navigate through everyday legal issues. For example, while our paralegal, Gina, does not handle LTB matters directly for clients of this volunteer organization, this is an all-too-common challenge for many immigrant tenant families. Frequent issues with landlords include refusing to do repairs, asking for illegal deposits, or threatening lawsuits or demanding payment for normal wear and tear repairs.

"A simple informative answer makes a huge difference in someone's life when you take the time to listen and help them go forward one step."  Gina

Happy family laying on their living room floor smiling.Love Toronto Logo