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If you've been terminated or treated unfairly at work, you're likely feeling let down, financially vulnerable and even betrayed. We understand. We've been helping people like you for over 20 years to get the compensation, workplace security, peace of mind and justice you deserve. If you've got a workplace issue, we've got your back every step of the way. You have my word.

- Kevin Marshall

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Cases we help you with

Temporary lay-off

If you've been temporarily laid off and feel uncertain about your future income, you're not alone. Most employees feel the same way, along with feeling confused about what to do next. We'll give you clarity by helping you assess your options and make the right decision based on your income needs and your relationship with your employer.

Constructive dismissal

Has your workplace made changes that make you uncomfortable working there? Maybe your hours have been cut or some new procedures put in place that you don't feel are fair? If your concerns have gone unheard and you're considering leaving, we'll look at your case together and see if you're eligible for compensation.

Breach of contract

Many employers make changes to employees' working conditions or unfair reductions to working hours, leaving employees in a tough spot. If you feel like your boss hasn't been living up to their end of your work agreement, we can help you stand up for yourself while still keeping your job.

Wrongful dismissal for cause

Losing your job with cause can be financially devastating. If you've been let go from work and you believe the cause for your termination isn't 100% valid, we'll look at your situation together and see if we can salvage your package.

Wrongful dismissal without cause - “fired with a package”

If you've lost your job and received a package that you feel isn't fair, you may be one of the many employees who are being taken advantage of by their employer. We'll help you carefully assess several critical factors of your package and see if there's an opportunity to get the added compensation you deserve.

Employment contracts for employees

Most employees are quick to sign on the dotted line when they land a new job. This often means they're signing documents that aren't always clear to them, leaving them vulnerable to various problems down the road. If you're starting a new job and need help understanding important clauses in your agreement such as termination or privacy clauses, we'll help you gain clarity and start your new job with confidence.

Work contracts for gig workers & contractors

Are you entering the workplace as a gig worker for the first time and need help understanding your work contract? Maybe you're a seasoned independent contractor with a more complex contract than usual, and you need to make sure you're not missing anything. Whatever your situation, we'll make sure your contract serves your best interests. You'll gain peace of mind, and avoid unexpected problems down the road.

Workplace sexual harassment & assault

Are you dealing with a colleague or boss that's making you uncomfortable in a sexual way? Dealing with sexual harassment and abuse at work can be a very sensitive issue that can take over your life. We want you to know that we understand that. You probably have questions about your job security, reputation and many more issues. We'll help you gain clarity and take the immediate next steps to improve your situation and take legal action if necessary.

Occupational health and safety claims

Are you worried that your current workplace environment poses certain risks and dangers that jeopardize your health and safety? Do you fear that your employer is not making the necessary changes to adapt to the new Covid-19 situation? We can help you stand up for your rights to a safe and healthy workplace environment so you can feel comfortable going to work everyday.

Disability Claims (Short term & long term)

Have you lost your income due to a disability? Maybe your disability claim has been denied? If so, we know this can cause serious financial issues that can impact all areas of your life. Over 20 years of experience in injury law means we know exactly how to deal with insurance companies and medical evidence to get you the maximum benefits you deserve.

Canada Pension Plan Disability claims

Seriously debilitating injuries and disabilities are devastating and can change your life forever. If you've been denied your CPPD claim, you're likely feeling frustrated and helpless with no foreseeable source of income. We help you take the right steps to maximise your chances of a successful claim, and gain your much needed peace of mind.

Labour board claims

Do you feel your union hasn't been living up to their obligations? Have they been treating you unfairly? We know that taking on a powerful organization can feel overwhelming and even helpless. We've been helping the underdog for over 20 years and working with us will give you the best chances of regaining the workplace conditions and terms you were promised.

Workers Safety and Insurance Board claims (WSIB)

Unfortunately, the WSIB claim process is notoriously difficult for employees to navigate. WIth so many steps and intricacies along the way, most employees' claims get denied, leaving them feeling annoyed and frustrated. We're very familiar with this process and we'll guide you every step of the way to get the maximum claim possible.

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