If you own a big company or work for an insurance company, you've come to the wrong place.  I'm on the other side.  I help the little guy win against you.

My favourite story is David and Goliath. The boy David, armed with little more than smarts and cunning, defeats the giant Goliath whom no one else wanted to fight.

In reality, I know that it is difficult for the little guy to win against the giants of today.  You need someone to stand with you, someone with smarts and cunning, in order to make it a fair fight.

I can help.

I have over eighteen years dealing with employment law and personal injury cases in Toronto.  There is nothing I enjoy more than helping you win against stingy former employers, indifferent government bureaucracies, and greedy insurance companies.

Personal Injury Law: Car accidents, Slip and Fall, Disability claims

Employment Law: Wrongful dismissal, Workplace claims, Human Rights

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