The trouble with personal injury advertising

Tasteless advertising and a lack of transparency in the use of referral fees are cheapening the legal profession, says Toronto personal injury and employment law lawyer Kevin Marshall. 

"A proliferation of personal injury ads in areas where they've never been before, including the back of TTC buses and even in public urinals, has left a negative impression among the general population," says Marshall.  "Some of these ads do convey information, but for the most part they don't reveal anything of substance," he tells  "It's about style, looking good and saying little.  Outside of a memorable jingle, there's not much substance to what the law firm says in the ad."

The Law Society of Upper Canada is in the process of evaluating feedback from lawyers, paralegals and other legal industry professionals about potential regulatory responses to issues relating to advertising.  The Law Society's advertising and fee issues working group is expected to report on the next steps in 2017.  Read more here 

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