Beware of Social Media

Personal injury lawyers and individuals pursuing lawsuits should be wary of a recent case in which a judge ordered a lawyer to call his client to a secret meeting and download her Facebook page, Kevin Marshall tells (See Background Story)

The Toronto personal injury lawyer says the spectre of social media sites being used in litigation is growing.

“Social media is increasing as a form of communication and people tend to let their guards down in that context. They like to get their names out there, and sometimes they tell people who they barely know what’s going on in their lives without realizing the danger they are putting themselves in if in fact they are involved in litigation,” says Marshall, who also practises employment law.

Marshall, who represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases, says “insurance companies put a lot of resources and time into trying to establish that what a person says in terms of their damages and the injuries they sustained in an accident are not actually in accordance with reality or perceived as such.

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