What To Do in an Accident

If you get in a car accident:

1.  Stay safe and calm.

2.  Call 911, especially if there are injuries.

3.  If safe to do so, and if your vehicle is blocking traffic, remove your vehicle from the roadway.

4.  Give your statement to the Police, answering honestly.  Stick to the facts (what you know to be true) rather than providing opinions about the accident, admitting fault, or blaming the other driver(s).

5.  Be sure to obtain a copy of the Motor Vehicle Accident Report from the Police.

6.  At the earliest possible time, write down your own notes of what happened and in what order: how, when and where the accident happened. Include the time, date and location/intersection, speed of your vehicle, weather and road conditions and your injuries. Draw a sketch of the accident scene indicating the position and direction of the vehicles and cross streets.

7.  Exchange information with the other involved parties: their name, drivers` license number, addresses, phone numbers, insurance details and vehicle particulars.

8.  Obtain contact information of any witnesses – especially their names and phone numbers.

9.  If possible, take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, and any injuries.

10. If you attend a hospital for your injuries, be sure to obtain a copy of the emergency report. If you do not attend a hospital emergency, visit a walk-in clinic or make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.


A day or two after the accident:

1.  Call your insurance company. A representative will review the claim with you, finalize repair arrangements, and answer your questions. A few days later, you`ll receive an Accident Benefits application package. Be sure to complete and send in the forms within the deadlines provided.

2.  Keep all receipts for medical expenses, etc., and copies of all insurance forms and letters together in a safe place.

3.  Most importantly, go your family doctor and explain what happened and how you were injured.  If you don't have a family doctor, go a walk-in clinic.


Several weeks after the accident:

1.  If a Treatment Plan is denied on the basis of an Insurer's Examination, consider asking your family doctor to respond in writing.

2.  If your Income Replacement Benefits or Housekeeping Benefits are denied, you can apply for mediation through the Licencing Appeals Tribunal.  At this point, you would wise to contact a lawyer for legal advice.  I can be reached at 416-383-0550.


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