#MeToo movement can be quick to judgment

The #MeToo movement has been instrumental in bringing to light numerous instances of sexual abuse and harassment that might not otherwise have been reported, says Toronto employment law and personal injury lawyer Kevin Marshall.

"But it's important to remember that the headlines sometimes mask the hidden victims of sexual assault and that not everyone who faces allegations is guilty," says Marshall.  Allegations that are untrue or frivolous only harm the credibility of real victims who have suffered greatly due to sexual misconduct, he tells AdvocateDaily.com.

A "one-size-fits-all" policy is being applied to every case, Marshall says, even though the strength of evidence varies widely and the allegations range from jokes of a sexual nature to the most serious of sexual assaults.  Politicians aren't helping when they make statements on situations they know little about and indicate that all women should invariably "be believed" when they come forward with allegations - an unhelpful statement when the fact is that people of both sexes are capable of lying, he says.

"Sexual assault is now being publicized in a way that seems to lack an understanding of the complexity of interactions and how true victims can be harmed by the involvement of politicians and the media, coupled with a rush to convict in the court of public opinion," he says.  Read more here.

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