Frustration mounts amid auto insurance changes

The Ontario government's goal of reducing auto insurance rates by 15 per cent is clearly not in the best interests of people who get in a car accident, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Kevin Marshall.  Instead, he says the accompanying changes are "to the benefit of insurers and to the detriment of insured persons."

It's just the latest in what he calls the all too frequent legislative changes with regards to car accidents that continue to leave both plaintiffs and their lawyers "exceptionally exasperated," says Marshall.

"It is really quite astounding because our government continues to brag about how 'progressive' it is, how it represents the interests of disadvantaged groups, and yet, under its watch, the interests of disabled persons have been harmed.  For example, the Minor Injury Guideline has been expanded into a one-size fits all policy, which does not reflect human experience in all cases," Marshall tells

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