Minor Injury Guidelines have “profound” effect

It’s been little more than a year since the Minor Injury Guidelines were ushered in as part of Ontario’s auto insurance benefits refit, but one Toronto personal injury lawyer says it’s had a “profound” effect on his practice. Read Prior Story

“In the year since the MIG has come in, I have to ask prospective clients, ‘Did you do nothing and accept the auto insurance changes as of Sept. 1 or did you specifically request the accident benefits you need?’ Most have done nothing, and have taken the default bare bones insurance and as a result I often have to ask them to consider representing themselves,” says Kevin Marshall.

Marshall explains: “I just can’t justify charging them any money, especially because there’s so little available for them under the MIG guidelines. There’s not enough money for treatment much less paying for a lawyer so I may end up representing them; there’s just so little in the pot and it all goes to the service providers.”


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