Documentation vital following an accident

Anyone involved in an accident needs to collect as much information as they can before going to a lawyer, Toronto personal injury and employment law lawyer Kevin Marshall tells  "The first step is to see the family doctor and explain what happened in the accident," says Marshall.  "Taking care of your health is the top priority."

Documenting the events from the start is crucial, including with a medical professional, says Marshall.  It would also be a good idea to go back to the scene of the accident or have a family friend take pictures or measurements of the area as soon as they can, he adds.

How the accident occurred and the impact it had on the victim is essential in a personal injury case, says Marshall.  In a slip and fall, also known as an occupier's liability claim, the focus is on both getting medical help as soon as possible and on who's to blam, he says.  "So, if they can, the accident victim should establish the fact that there was uneven pavement, for example, that caused the accident.  And it's very important to get the precise area where the accident occurred; that's why pictures are so important."

If someone is injured after slipping on ice, pictures of the conditions and the exact area where that fall occurred could help tell the story.  But that opportunity is missed once a thaw occurs.  Likewise, in an area under construction, changes to the accident scene occur regularly as the construction proceeds until final completion.  Read more here.

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