The Bottom Line on Fees:

Fees are one of my favourite topics of discussion – and likely your least favourite. But you should have absolutely no reason to fear. The reason is that when you advance a claim, I typically only get paid when you get money in your pocket. And the more money I get for you, the higher my fees. It's a big incentive for me to work that much harder for you.

If you are advancing an employment law or personal injury case, I will usually (but not always) work on a contingency fee basis. This means that I only get my money if you get yours. You get the balance of the settlement or judgment less my fees and expenses. My fees are based on a percentage of the settlement amount. The amount of the percentage varies from claim to claim. It will be worked out ahead of time when you and I first meet. For better or for worse, I will honour this percentage – and will expect you to do likewise.

The benefit to you is that I do most of the work and assume ALL of the financial risk on your behalf. For that reason, I only take on claims that I believe have a good chance of success.

Beyond contingency fees, I often work on an hourly basis or a fixed rate basis.  In fixed rate arrangements, the amount of work and fees payable are agreed in advance.  While my fees are guaranteed in both the hourly and fixed rate options, the amount owing for fees tends to more predicatable than it would be in contigency fee arrangements since fees are directly tied to work performed, rather than results achieved.

My objective with each of my clients is to take money from the pockets of insurers, governments, and employers and put it into your pocket (and mine). I want to make both you and I happy at the expense of the giants of this world.


What are you paying me to do on your behalf?

You are paying me for my time and expertise to work on your case. As your lawyer, I provide many, many services that are required to advance your claim, such as:

  • Assess your case to determine the likelihood of success
  • Prepare court documents and correspondence to advance your claim
  • Review case law and assemble evidence to support your case
  • Communicate in writing and by telephone with adjusters, doctors, assessors, defense lawyers, expert witnesses, and the court
  • Prepare you for Examinations for Discovery, Pre-trial and Trial


Remember: you get what you pay for

I want to get money in your pocket, and fast as possible, in order that I can quickly get paid a decent wage. But I am aware that insurers, governments, and employers have the opposite objective. They never wish to give up their money quickly and without a fight.

Be assured that I don't give up easily. I work hard on your behalf, always with the thought of the day when I can close your file, settle my account and hand you a large cheque.

Call me at 416-383-0550 if you have any further questions or would like to book a consultation.

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