Human Rights tribunal decision forces Toronto restaurant closure

A Toronto restaurant's recent closure highlights the possible wide-ranging impact of decisions on small businesses by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, says Toronto Employment Law lawyer Kevin Marshall.

Marshall notes that the tribunal is moving toward six-figure awards that could severely hurt businesses.  In addition, there are no recourse for those who must defend themselves against borderline or weak claims to recoup their legal costs, he tells  

"All these things add up," says Marshall.  "Now it can jeopardize a small business and that's a concern.  Both employers and employees will be out of jobs."

For example, a well-known Leslieville-area restaurant, Le Papillon in the Park, announced in January it would close its doors.  The move follows the Divisional Court's finding last year in Big Inc. v. Islam, 2015 ONSC 2921 (CanLll) where the court found the Human Rights Tribunal made no legal errors in its 2013 decision.  Read more at:

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