Expanded definition of disabilities troublesome

A recent human rights decision finding alcohol addiction qualifies as a disability is somewhat troubling as it may open the door to frivolous complaints in the future, says Toronto lawyer Kevin Marshall.

A Manitoba human rights adjudicator found a health-care aide was entitled to be reinstated, receive three years of back pay and an additional $10,000 for injury to her dignity after she was fired for drinking off the job, CTV reports:  http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/human-rights-ruling-says-manitoba-woman-was-addicted-to-alcohol-unjustly-fired-1.2564063

CTV reports the woman was suspended from work at a personal care home in June 2011 after a co-worker complained that she was drunk at work, according to evidence presented at the human rights board hearing.  She then signed an agreement that allowed her to return to work on several conditions, including that she abstain from alcohol both on and off the job and seek counselling, the report continues.

Read more at:  http://www.advocatedaily.com/profile/expanded-definition-of-disabilities-troublesome.html

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